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Our Faculty are internationally recognized practitioners and experts from diverse business and consulting backgrounds. Click on the name to read a full profile


Mr Richard Price

Mr Richard Price (UK)

CEO of Human Insight Ltd. Rick has held operational responsibility for managing complex organisational change for high growth companies and  those going through complex post-merger transformation. He has gained significant experience in the consulting industry and, at partner and CEO level, has led companies of substantial

An original founder member of Human Insight, he has actively embraced its principles and frameworks in executive and board level interventions. He has been responsible for developing and implementing new strategies to create high performance teams.
Rick has carried out executive roles in several business sectors, including financial services, utilities, IT, oil and gas and manufacturing. Together with his colleagues, he has developed a leadership support organisation capable of delivering the Human Insight offering across Europe, the USA and Asia.

Mr Richard Price  

Mr. Harry G Starren (The Netherlands)

CEO of De Baak, Mr.Harry G. Starren, M.A. / M.Sc., has held positions as academic researcher, professor, manager at a research/consulting firm, and manager of the postgraduate course Business and Public Administration in Utrecht. In addition to his current management position, he works as a trainer, teacher and consultant, in particular in the area of professional organization management. Harry Starren is on a number of specialist juries and the supervisory boards of a number of companies. He also holds management positions in a number of civil-society organizations. He wrote together with Twan van de Kerkhof.

Mr Richard Price  

Mr Willie Yeo (Singapore)

Managing Director of Human Insight Asia. He holds a MBA in Strategic Management from University of Hull. Willie has more than 18 years in senior corporate management and project management as well as in Business development. In 2004, Willie represented the Singapore Training and Development Association as a committee member in Ministry Of Manpower-WDA on National Competency Training Committee and Work Life Balance Committee. Willie has since become the master trainer for WDA Advance Certificate in Training Assessment Competency Based Train the Trainer in Singapore and has been certified as a Cross Cultural Consultant certified by ITIM (Europe)in China.

Willie has good knowledge and work experience with Global organizations and was directly involved in  and managed the Asia market for product development, and project management. He has also acted as Strategic Human Resource Manager responsible for the development of talent and the development of project and commercial management skills. In this capacity, he was a member of several talent management and training development advisory committees overseeing people development.

Mr Richard Price  

Prof Peter Robertson (The Netherlands)

Peter is a founding partner of Human Insight Ltd, a thought leader, business ecologist and specialist in leadership issues. He has written widely on this subject and has developed the AEM-cube, ACT-cube and RPA set of organisational assessment tools. Peter has delivered key note speeches on the principles of business ecology around the world as both guest and resident speaker at many academic and management institutions. He is also a high level business consultant who specialises in strategy facilitation and leadership support and development. Assignments range from executive team coaching to board alignment to small- and large-scale strategy and culture development interventions.

Peter has deep experience of global change, growth and renewal programmes in the USA, Europe and Asia. His focus is always to achieve a high level of value-driven consistency and alignment in teams, and proven, sustainable cultural change in organisations. In March 2007, Peter was appointed visiting professor at the Management School at the Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China.

Mr Richard Price  

William Strobbe(Belgium)

William is Director of de Baak Antwerpen/Belgium-Southern Netherlands and is leading the cluster Management Development of Baak tailer made programs. He is COO of the Baak management team.
William Strobbe studied socio-cultural education. He worked in this sector for 10 years, and carried out international volunteer and education work for young people. He then transitioned to the commercial sector where he led a family-owned company for a number of years. In the mid-1990s, he transitioned into training and consulting. Fascinated by learning and personal development, he attended a number of (refresher) courses, including economics, Gestaltpsychology and psycho-synthesis, NLP, psychodynamics, system thinking and Open Living Theatre. As a trainer, he coaches MD programs for profit (such as the financial services sector) and non-profit (such as the health care and education sectors). He also gives and develops programs and training courses in communication and team work, inspiring and innovative leadership, change management and personal effectiveness. His approach to working with groups is characterized by an interactive, dynamic and creative behavior toward the things that happen in the here and now. The credo "become who you are" is a core value.

Mr Richard Price  

Ms Adriana Strating (The Netherlands)

Adriana has held executive positions as COO, managing director, and chairman in high growth companies, start up ventures and in organisations going through significant change through merger, acquisition and turnaround.
She used board level interventions to create high performing teams and to restructure organisations to achieve high growth. Adriana has specific experience working internationally in strategic innovation, business turnaround, organizational change and in building and managing strategic alliances and pan European projects.


Mr Richard Price  

Ms. Christina Wong (Singapore)

Christina holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of Western Sydney. She is a certified Image and Professional Development Consultant from The London Image Institute and The Academy of Image Masters as well as being a member of The Association of Image Consultants International.

Christina has been certified by Human Insight as a facilitator for Human Insight AEM-Cube; a Strategic Leadership Assessment Tools. Christina’s focus is on Service Excellence, Professional Image, Communication Skills, Leadership, Presentation Skills, and Management Strategy. She works closely with companies especially in the hospital and Pharmaceutical industry to identify learning needs and design and implement results-impacting initiatives to attain a leading position in their industry. She also conducts a CEO Workshop for the group of CEOs from the largest private healthcare conglomerate in Malaysia.

Christina is a regular speaker at national and international conferences, and has been featured on numerous  television programmes such as “Spirit of Service” and “The Variety Show”and magazines like “Singapore Women’s” weekly and “Parkway Medicine” for her exemplary service.

Mr Richard Price  

Dr S K NG (Singapore)

Dr Ng has presented on various occasions such as the World Conference on Public Safety organized by the World Health Organization, the Conference on Community Policing in Tokyo, Japan, and the Conference on Chinese Enterprise in Post-WTO Era hosted by Nanyang Technological University. He has attended, as a Singapore representative, several ASEAN Conferences; and served as a Council member of the Institute of Public Relations Singapore. He is a certified Facilitator for the American Management Association, the “Whole Brain Model˝ HDBI ˛ and Human Insight.

In 1995, Dr Ng led a regional insurer with 4,700 employees and served as General Manager & Director for Human Resources, Quality Service & Corporate Communication. As the Group’s Chief Representative based in Shanghai, he strategized a series of publicity campaigns which captured attention, acclaim and support. He was honoured by the China International Public Affairs Association amongst the 20 “Who’s Who” in Public Relations in China. The Chinese media and public attributed his success in public communication to his immersion into the local culture and value system. He was a Project Director for Disaster Recovery; and Principal Consultant on corporate strategy, change management, customer service, leadership, marketing, public relations, marketing communication, crisis management, negotiation, and problem-solving. His audience: China City Mayors, government and corporate directors, senior- and middle-managers, and frontline executives.

Mr Richard Price  

Mr. Kris P. Rote (The Netherlands)

Director at De Baak, Kris P. Rote MA BBA, holds university degrees in Business Economics, International politics and Business Administration. During his career he has held positions in sales management in FMCG, senior management in a leading consultancy firm, training and coaching. Besides his current director position, he often chairs meetings, coaching management teams and works as a coach and trainer, particularly in the area of personal and organisational development. He worked and lived in Sri Lanka, Indonesia and several European countries, amongst which the Netherlands. He wrote articles for several Dutch magazines and he contributed to the recently published book 'Leadership Talks'.

Mr Richard Price  

Mr. Adrian Teo (Malaysia)

Adrian holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Malaya and a Master of Science degree in Management from the Durham University Business School, UK, as well as certificates and diplomas in Public Relations. He is also the first internationally accredited fellow of the JCI Training Institute. In international human resource development - Adrian managed five Area Directors responsible for field training in five continents; travelled to 50 countries and conducted training seminars in over 37 countries worldwide; coordinated the design and implementation of a training of trainers program that was conducted worldwide in seven different languages. Adrian spent six years as adjunct senior lecturer in organizational behaviour with the National University of Singapore covering a wide range of HRM/HRD subject areas. For eleven years, Adrian was also lecturer in management development with the Singapore Institute of Management.

Mr Richard Price  

Mr Ken Wong (Singapore)

Ken has been certified as a professional Trainer by Human Insight for the Human Insight AEM cube; Strategic Leadership Assessment. He is also a Professional Writer and Entrepreneur with more than 13 years of Corporate Training & Consulting, Writing and Marketing experience in Asia. Ken conducts over 100 engagements of workshops, talks & seminars for MNCs, SMEs and government bodies. Besides Singapore, Ken has also conducted workshops & seminars in China, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

He is a regular contributor to the newspapers. His articles on supervisory management, customer service, sales, entrepreneurship, HR development and secretarial skills have been published.

Ken holds BBA (Passed with Merit) in NUS-Singapore, MSc in Training & Performance Management, University of Leicester UK, USA Napoleon Hill Certified Trainer (China, Hong Kong & Macau), and he has been certified as a Professional Management Consultant, SPEC, Certified Advance Certification Training Assessment Trainer by Singapore Ministry of Manpower, Lecturer in University Of London BSc in Business & LCCI Double Diploma etc.