Our Partners

Human Insight

Human Insight was formed in 2000 to deliver practical organisational benefits, based on a breakthrough in scientific organisational thinking.

A network of big consultancy practitioners and partners joined together to research and apply business ecology, an approach developed over 30 years by Peter Robertson.We work with organisational leaders using research findings, ideas, tools and methodologies based on these ideas.

Our approach adds the dimensions of strategic context, systems thinking and cultural independence when compared to other methods.

A primary objective is to show how people can contribute to change rather than how people need to adjust to change. In a strategic context our methods are used to help individuals, teams and organisations to:

• Predict where they can be most productive in the growth cycle of a business
• Uncover hidden or unknown areas of risk or poor performance
• Integrate individual growth with the development of teams and the performance needs of an organisation in pursuit of its strategy.

Our main users are strategic advisers, organisational development specialists, and executive coaches in multinational companies, public sector organisations, management consultancies, leadership development providers, business schools and independent networks.

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De Baak

De Baak Management Center is a renowned training institute. Our organization evolved from the largest employer’s organization in the Netherlands*, which is considered to be “the voice of Dutch business.” Founded upon the Humanist tradition of the 1950s, De Baak pioneered the understanding of the human side of enterprise. The institute’s focus is on the individual, the individual’s effective interaction within the organization or company—and within society.

The learning programs created by De Baak integrate goals set by clients and their organizations. The method of learning appeals to the intellect and the imagination, the pragmatic and creative sides of human nature.

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