Program Dates

Applications are being taken now for the year of 2012 intake which will begins in March. For a full program calendar please click here.


Bringing together the industry leading technologies and techniques of our partners Human Insight and De Baak with an internationally renowned faculty, the Shanghai Jiao Tong iMBA program has created a unique and extensive learning experience that will benefit both organisations and students.

Unique Program Features:

  • Experienced and high quality consulting team:  We utilise a pool of business leaders and consultants from Asia and Europe who are successful in their respective fields. They are able to communicate in Mandarin and English.
  • Face to face analysis of topical case studies
  • A learning platform and networking opportunity for existing and previous participants
  • Experiential Learning, Shared Resources: We share research results in order to allow our participants to access to new concept as well as market best practises.


The program consists of 7 modules. To read more details on each click on the title:


1. Leading Change Master Class ( 2 days )


  • Transformational Change
  • Incremental Change
  • Diversity in human resources
  • Diversity in governance
  • Assessing Strategic Diversity in Human Resources
  • The AEM-cube® tool
  • AEM-cube® predicts the outcome of successful change
  • AEM-cube® predicts the outcome of strategic decision making
  • Assessing Strategic Diversity in Governance


2. Leadership in Business Sustainability using AEM-cube® Application ( 2 days )


This program explores the great paradox of business success; organisations that experience success are invariably the ones that are most vulnerable to failure.  Reinvention and change are the prerequisites for businesses to succeed and build sustainability.


3. Next Level Leadership ( 2 days )


You have no doubt reflected on who you are as a leader; you know how vital it is to keep yourself focused. In 'Next Level Leadership' you will gain new insights for leading yourself, leading others and for guiding entire organizations.


4. Young Executives Program ( 2 days )


Since the start of your career, you've shown great promise. You've:-

  • taken initiative at work like a successful entrepreneur
  • managed people deftly
  • shouldered responsibility
  • had your talent rewarded; your career is on the rise.

But what's next ?  We help you to crystallize your ambitions and consolidate control of your career. That means focusing on you and your professional wishes - not on the demands imposed on you. You'll learn to consciously direct your future and to define and follow your professional path. In this way, you will emerge from The Young Executives(enterpise?) Program a stronger leader of yourself and others.


5. Crisis Prevention & Management ( 2 days )


Some 75% of businesses that suffer a major disaster never recover. Even those which reopen close within 2 years. True, companies can insure their corporate property against theft, fire, SARS, terrorism, etc. But how can they insure against the dampening of employee morale, the loss of customer’s confidence, the damage to corporate reputation and corporate image, business restoration and long-term continuity ?

Chief Executives owe it to their employees to organize their companies against risks and crises. Boards of Directors owe it to society to establish a viable Crisis Prevention and Management (CPM) Plan as instrumental to its Corporate Governance. This Program meets such needs.


6. International Cross Cultural Management ( 2 days )


Our work is based on global research into national values and business practices.
Learn how to:

  • Negotiate/Communicate and do business with people from a wide range of cultures
  • Build effective international project teams
  • Formulate well-informed intercultural strategy
  • Translate vision and strategy into effective company wide practice
  • Integrate diverse cultures in mergers & acquisitions and joint ventures
  • Handle change in a dynamic global environment
  • Get the most out of your people in multicultural situations


7. Critical Thinking For Aspiring Executives ( 2 days )


Day in, day out, we are bombarded with attempts to persuade us to believe in, to know and to act on something or other. How can we learn to think critically to distinguish the true from the false? We do this by trying to understand clearly, critically and rationally; we evaluate systematically.

This requires a set of skills and attitudes which are built around a series of related, critical questions, so that we may identify the best decision, built upon the right analysis, with the correct execution, vigilant monitoring and control and – not least -  in full accord with the stringent requirement of organizational governance, growth and viability.