Program Dates

Applications are being taken now for the year of 2012 intake which will begins in March. For a full program calendar please click here.


Successful organizations around are characterised by innovation, agility and flexibility and they require quality leadership to sustain their success in an ever changing and increasingly competitive environment.

The Shanghai Jiao Tong University iMBA program is designed to equip students with the technical and functional leadership qualities necessary to contribute to global organisations and will both build on your strengths, and actively address specific development areas that you may have.

Delivered in English, the iMBA program is ideally suited for existing professionals, managers and entrepreneurs, and owners of SME’s.

Students who successfully complete this program, will be awarded the certificate of iMBA, by the University.


About The Program

The purpose of the iMBA program is to assist organizations to build:-

  • a strong foundation of critical knowledge and
  • skills that will enable individuals to constantly learn and apply new knowledge and skills in  their work place.

And for students:-

  • to enhance each their capacity for critical and reflective analysis of best practices in the field of organizational development and
  • to develop the ability to devise appropriate interventions, including the use of technology, to problems of professional practice

The program also aims to enable learners' to identify, develop and build corporate capabilities and will:-

  • provide an opportunity for in-depth study into issues and best practice in organizational development
  • facilitate the development of training and development practitioners who possess a body of specialist knowledge and competencies and who are capable of providing leadership in their specialist areas
  • enhance learners' capacities to critically analyze relevant professional issues affecting current practices, using problem-centered or applied approaches
  • encourage and develop skills and knowledge related to independent inquiry and/or research in order to produce reports to a professionally knowledgeable audience

Jiao Tong University and Human Insight tailor the iMBA program to your organisation.


Leadership Qualities

Employees in an organization often ask “What is expected of me?” – the usual answer is that we are each expected to be very good at what we do. Commonly, this means achieving technical and functional excellence. But equally important is how we do our.

This IMBA program develops students understanding of a range of “Leadership Qualities” that reflect this and gives direction in all three areas: technical excellence, functional excellence, and how we achieve results:


    • Business Integrity
    • Transparency
    • Bench marking
    • Shared Accountability
    • Team work and Collaboration
    • Cross Functional (is this correct?)
    • Continuous Learning and Improvement
    • Coaching and developing others

Why are these qualities important?
In our complex work environment, it is impossible to separate our performance from our behaviors. We each rely on each others knowledge, expertise, assistance and results to get our jobs done well for the collective success of our company - we are all interconnected. If we each strive to consistently model these Leadership Qualities, we will foster our ability to innovate and achieve.